Playoff week 1 lineup advice plz. I'll give you help as well

Standard scoring league .

Here is what I’m thinking . Would you sub anyone out from my bench to my starting lineup ?

QB - Rivers(Was)
RB- Kamara(@ATL)
RB- Melvin Gordon(Was)
WR-keenan (Was)
WR-michael Thomas (@ATL)
Flex- Funchess(MIN)
TE- Ertz (@LAR)
Def- Sea @jax

WR- Baldwin(@Jax) , Josh Gordon(GB)
RB- Ajayi(@LAR)
TE- Brate(DET) [Will play Brate if ertz is out]
DEF- BAL@pit

You’re Good. No need to sub.

I have Baldwin riding the pine myself this week.

nothing else i would change. I would play him over funchess if the matchup was better

but alas… its not

I’m not very comfortable with funchess this week, I put him on my bench for DeMarco Murray in the Flex. I’d consider Baldwin or Gordon there. Baldwin definitely has a tougher matchup, but the browns have proven that they’re willing to feed Gordon the ball.

Maybe Gordon over Funchess. Gordon had a pretty good game for a bad matchup for his first game back. If you listened to yesterdays podcast it was like the second highest yards against Casey Hayward all year. And the Packers defense is terrible.


I think your good stout team gonwith it

@Badgertrav yeah Gordon is kinda a play I’m intrigued about …just hard to throw a somewhat wild card player in my lineup at this critical time …but he is super good …so I’ll have to think on it

I’d sub Josh Gordon for Funchess.


I would definitely look into picking up a new def maybe the jets or bengals, also would sub in josh gordon for funchess. other than that you seem all set. Maybe you could look at my post aswell Emergency lineup advice ppr

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I like your lineup but i dont like funchess against atlanta they did fairly well against the Vikings I think I would play Gordon over Funchess

On my team I am currently starting S Shepard over Funchess due to the matchup

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I like your line up as is… probably best bet. Need some quick help, should I send my Doug Baldwin for his Alshon Jeffery straight up? Standard scoring and I have a bye this week as the 2 seed. I really need some help and fast

You’re good. No need to sub.

Here’s my question:
I have Russel Wilson and Sacksonville…first round of playoffs…what do I do??? .5ppr, 4 point TD. Do I stream Defense or QB? Roll with both? Stream both??

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@7milestyle Id prob do that trade …eagles get NYG and then OAK …Super sexy matchups.

Baldwins aren’t as good…so yeah do the trade

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Pushed the trade thru, thank you! I’m excited… just a huge diehard eagles fan so didn’t want passion to cloud judgement. Will most likely be at the Monday night Christmas game vs Oakland and hopefully passion doesn’t get in the way of me starting him or Julio or Evans so we’ll see lol. Thanks for the help!

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I would definitely sub in Gordon just based off of matchup alone. Otherwise I like the lineup you have.

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@karamrob I think you have to roll with both …I mean if Mccowan is out on waivers then maybe him over Wilson…but Jax has good matchups week 15,16 and they have been so good all year so I think you just have to hope Wilson does well against tough matchups unless there is something nice on the waivers

I’d go Gordon over Funchess this week

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Gordon for sure and I’m plugging him in!

Flex option question.

McKinnon… funchess… Jeffrey or diggs.

I know most people will say Jeffrey however Jeffrey vs rams may be a tough go…
I was thinking McKinnon due to his pass catch game… 15 touches per game.

Any thoughts???

@FantasyFootballer yeah I like McKinnon or diggs. With the matchups .I know diggs has been disappointing late but I think he should have a good game against Carolina.

McKinnon is maybe the more safe play of 5-10 points and diggs is the homerun play he either geta 3 points or he gets 18+

Somebody said Wilson over mcown???

Give your head a check… he’s a champion