Playoff week 1 lineup advice plz. I'll give you help as well

You’re lineup is the best it could be IMO, maybe sub Gordon in for Funchess based on matchup. I have had Baldwin on the bench for two or three weeks now. Wilson spreads the ball around too much to make him a viable starter, despite his occasional blowup games.

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I also have Gordon and have been looking for a reason to play him, but I have a similar lineup with Thomas, Allen and Green playing. Not taking them out for Gordon, but I would for Funchess.

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  1. Sit Funchess this week, I’d roll Gordon out for sure. The Browns are going to feed him the ball to try to eke some life out of their offense and against GB I bet he delivers on that.

  2. As good as the Ravens D/ST is, I wouldn’t roll them out against the Steelers at home. I’d try to pick up someone else this week.

My flex question: Would you play Ekeler, or D-Jax over Baldwin?

For context… Ordinarily I wouldn’t roll out Ekeler, but I’m playing against a team stacked with Chargers players (Rivers, Allen, and Henry) who are all probably going to blow up this week. I know that Ekeler is mostly a change-of-pace back but does have standalone value and COULD have a monster game if the Chargers roll through the Redskins. I’m also streaming Winston as my QB and my opponent is playing Mike Evans, so adding D-Jax would put me all-in on the Bucks passing game to (hopefully) cancel out any points that Evans gets. Honestly not sure which of the three is the biggest dice roll, since all are pretty boom-or-bust this week.



Your right they are all boom or bust and def all of them just flex plays.

Baldwin should be the safe play but JAX is just so good on Def this year. I think Jimmy Graham will do fine but don’t think saxsonville will give Wilson enough time to wait for Baldwin to get down the field.

De Jax has been such a wild card all year… I’d wait around for news on Matt Stafford. If Stafford is out I think you play d jax over all 3 as I think Tampa Bay will have the ball more if the Lions have a backup QB …but if Stafford plays I prob sit dejax

Ekler…wow…he is a game skript and tempo guy… Def a risk play…but if the chargers do get up I could see them using Melvin only around the goal line and giving alot of snaps to ekler in the middle of the 3rd and 4th quarter…but this could be a back in forth shootout and so ekler might not play as much as Melvin is still the lead back.

So saying that if your team is projected to win I would prob go baldwin even though might just net you 3-6 points

If your projected to lose I would prob play ekler as I could see another 11-18 pt game if the game flows the right way.but he might also get little to no work.

But as I said before if Stafford doesn’t play djax moves into first for me.

Hope this helps some. Def not a clear good decision .