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Playoff week help! Full PPR


Its my first week of playoffs!

Which QB should I use?
Do I pick up Josh Gordon or another WR?
Which TE would you start? Evan Engram has Geno Smith this week.

Right now McCown is on waivers.
WR on waivers: Inman, Golladay, Roberts, Patterson,
Goodwin, Wallace, Gordon


QB: Tyrod, Mariota
RB: Ajayi, Bell, Damien Williams
WR: Coleman, Juju, Anderson, Woods, Benjamin, Zay Jones
TE: Engram, Jared Cook


This is actually not complicated fortunately. Play mccown. Play cook. Play Anderson Jones and juju if he is healthy.


Yeah, I’m all about Anderson and Cook. The raiders should be looking to him in a big way with Crabtree and Cooper likely out


Plus he’s a TE against the Giants


Okay so I picked up McCown and let someone else get Josh Gordon. Juju is back so I’m happy about that.

Now that Shepard is back and some pressure will be taken off Engram. Do I flex him instead of Zay Jones?