Playoff WR help

Full PPR 3 WR league.

I have Thomas as my WR1 but I need some advise choosing my WR 2 and 3.

I also have Fitzgerald, Boyd, Sutton, Tate and Ellington.

I have no interest in playing Tate (Dallas D looks legit) and Ellington is interesting because of the volume he’s seeing but I think the other 3 are better options. So it’s between Fitzgerald, Boyd and Sutton. All 3 of those guys lost a fellow receiver to injury this past week leaving them as the clear cut #1. What do y’all think? Any advise is appreciated!

Christian Kirk is out for the remainder of the year so Fitzgerald isn’t a bad play, however his offense is atrocious so that’s tough. Tyler Boyd doesn’t do as well without AJ Green, plus Jeff Driskel is the QB now so I’m not sure what’s going to happen to his targets. Sutton may be a good idea due to Emmanuel Sanders tearing his achilles at practice yesterday. Golden Tate looked to be getting some looks, but he’s consistently been a ghost on Philly’s offense. Ellington will get a lot of targets due to the lack of receivers in Detroit.

I would go with Sutton and Ellington, solely based off of the potential targets, but I’ll also say to go with your gut. Don’t overthink who to start, put in what your gut tells you to, then close the app, and hide your phone so you don’t get tempted!

Thanks for the advise! I always overthink decisions like this, especially in the playoffs.

Me too! I wish I would take my own advice haha