Playoff WR

Godwin, Boyd, or Landry? Full PPR. Godwin’s week 15 and 16 are tough. Leaning towards Boyd but unsure of what to do. Also have Reynolds on bench.

Godwin or Boyd. It looks like DJax may be done, so Godwin’s stock rises immediately. Even with a tough matchup or two, TB throws the ball. A lot.

Worth dropping Landry for Godwin you think?

I think so, yes.

Tyler Boyd for sure. AJ Green is out. Boyd is only good player left. Will be heavily targeted. Don’t trust godwin.

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Its hard to trust Landry also though. I’m probably going to roll out Boyd. But I did drop Landry for Godwin since Godwin averaged 100 yards with Djax out so I do not want that against me.