Playoffs and a prayer! Start/Sit Help

I finished the regular season at 6-7 and just barely made it into the playoffs. I won my first round of playoffs by a wide margin and now face the #1 seed this week who I am projected to beat. I’m needing help on Qb starts. So it comes down to Deshaun Watson with the better match-up vs the jets or roll with Andrew Luck who has the tougher match-up vs Dallas who has been on fire lately.

Also needing help on which D/ST to play this week

Houston vs Jets ( no jets players)
Seattle vs SF (I have Kittle)

Thanks people, Good Luck!

Gee, both are good QB choices. I’d normally say start your stud, but both QBs are studs. So matchup says Watson (tho Jets defense isn’t that bad). Houston… SF offense better than Jets.