Playoffs are set - lock teams who didn't make it?

What do you guys think? We have a keeper league and the playoff picture is set. Should the teams who are eliminated (9th thru 12th) be locked so as not to upset the teams who actually still have matchups? I liken these teams to random green shells floating around in Mario Kart.

The only thing is that that we have a keeper league and I could see some teams saying “well why can’t I still pick up people for next year?”

Maybe I could just drain the FAAB so they can’t bid anything on Free Agents?


Everyone fights til the end. No quit, no surrender. Especially if keeper league as you mentioned, the world doesn’t stop revolving because you are out of the playoffs.

tldr don’t like the teams let me bid as usual for everything

Just gotta leave them alone. One thing you should do however, is make a reward for whoever wins the consolation bracket or a punishment for the player who loses. That way the teams that are eliminated still have something to play for and therefore won’t drop all their guys.

Exactly. Don’t lock them, and have a consolation bracket for first pick in the draft.

Playoff teams typically don’t have room to pick up IR guys with potential to explode next season. By keeping 9-12 open, you increase parity by allowing them to pick up potential keepers for next year. Parity = good