Playoffs, Dont even talk about playoffs

12 team, Dynasty

So my league does not do playoffs at the end of the year. Instead it is set up like a college football conference. There are 12 teams so two divisions of 6. Everyone plays each team in the division 3 times, with the winner of each division playing in the championship game in week 16. At the end of every year three names are drawn at random from both divisions and those teams are switched to the opposite division. This is to keep it fresh and an attempt to keep one team from dominating a half of the league(Alabama). We do not play for money just for pride and we have not had a problem until this year with three owners really pushing for playoffs. So i was wondering why are playoffs so good. The way we have it set up the best team throughout the whole year usually wins and we have had a different champion all 5 years. Since most if not all of you play with playoffs then let me know why they are better, or does this system make sense.

I typically see thing from a different viewpoint. Here goes…

You do have playoffs. Two teams set lineups and compete to win the championship. It sounds to me like there is interest in the league to extend the current playoffs to include more teams.

There is no one way to conduct a league. If this is how the league was architected and people enjoy it, than I would say leave it alone.

However I can see the argument to include more teams to compete for the championship.

At any point in the season the goal is to start a good lineup and try to win a week. Playoffs take the best teams and set them to complete against each other. Having a good team is not static; it is dynamic. Meaning players get hurt, suspended, go through slumps. They also breakout. A team that has been successful through the year doesn’t necessarily imply they can be successful in a championship. The same reason you don’t automatically crown the team with the best record each year. You want a ceremonious method of determining a final winner.

Another though is that it more closely simulates the NFL to have a 4-6 team playoff.

I think first and foremost, having a playoff structure where 4/6/etc teams make the big dance tends to provide a more dynamic league. When you only reward the top of the conference, you’re basically pushing the bottom of the half into the “why bother” territory.

I ran a new league for some buddies last year and our inaugural season only saw one team mathematically eliminated prior to week 13. The result was a very active league; the trade deadline was HOPPING, the free agent market was lithe and active, and everyone enjoyed having a crack at the playoffs.

I’m not saying it’s the only way to do it, but for my money, it provides the most excitement as it tends to give teams that stumble out of the gates hope that their season isn’t over after week 4.