Playoffs! Kirk Cousins OR Lamar Jackson this week?

Need help making this decision. I’m going up against a friend who has been talking smack about my patchwork team all season and I would love to give him an L where it matters the most.

Seems to be split across some forums. ESPN experts like Kirk Cousins whereas FantasyPros has Lamar Jackson ranked higher. Lamar Jackson has the easier matchup but he is very risky. Kirk Cousins is on the road in Primetime in a hostile environment but he has the weapons to put up decent numbers.

Help sway me! I’ve been going back and forth on this all week. Thanks.

Lamar Jackson 100%. Lamar jackson is a runner and is playing a defense that is terrible. Lamar Jackson will run the ball which adds a ton of value. Kirk Cousins is coming to Seattle and Seattle at home on primetime has been legit. They will shut kirk cousins down. I predict Kirk will get 15-17 points maybe. Lamar also has a higher ceiling then kirk since he is a runner. I predict 24-26 points for Lamar.

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Mullens had an alright game in Seattle last week. But Kirk is pretty bad in primetime…