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PLAYOFFS my first time ever and EVERYONE wants me to lose! HELP


pick 2:
Josh Gordon
Julian Edelman
Jaylen Samuels

pick 2:
Lesean Mccoy
Josh Adams
tyler boyd


First if you can play J Samuels in the TE spot and you don’t have Erts or Kelce I would
But I like the J Samuels play and i’d probly go Eldleman because he is way more safe than Gordon.

The other groups I’d probly go Adams and McCoy because they will have the volumn and potentially more. Boyd, idk what’s going to happen with There Qb so I see him with more risk this week


Thanks for the feedback man!
I also Messed up the second part
I have These running backs:
Lamar Miller
Austin ekler
Josh Adams
Gotta sit 1