Playoffs trade help!

My current roster:
QB: A Smith, J Goff
RB: Bell, Hunt, Hyde, Woodhead and D. Martin
WR: M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, D. Thomas, S. Shepard, T. Hilton, D. Parker
TE: Engram
D: Bears
K: Succop

I got two trades for Hyde:
1st: I would receive R. Woods, and give away Hyde
2nd: Hyde for Stafford and C. Thompson (i countered with Hyde for Stafford and Zeke)

My issue is that I am scared of giving away Hyde and having to play Hunt vs Broncos in the championship game (IF I make it that far lol) I love Woods and could use the help at WR. What do you guys think?

Trade Martin?

Dont know if either trade really improves u that much but the 2nd option with zeke is interesting

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I really don’t like either offer. Try packaging a receiver and Martin/Hyde for an upgraded back. You have lots of better trade options and flexibility so don’t settle. Get what makes your team better.

Tough call, see if you can trade Hunt for R. Woods and Stafford.

i wish, im thinking about just dropping him

yea i tried but ill keep looking