Playoffs week 1 QB decision

Play Kyler or stream (Baker, Fitz, Tannehill, Darnold, Minshew, Allen)
.5 ppr and 4pt tds

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I’m in the same boat - I have Kyler and Allen and have no idea what to do. The ffballer projections say Kyler but after last week I’m not sure I can trust him to all of a sudden figure it out again. I think I have to ride Allen and hope he can go for 2 total TDs. Murray’s protection is just so so bad.

It’s annoying because every-time I pivot off Kyler he scores 30+. But if I play him he scores 15🤷‍♂️

Same. I just dropped kyler for Wentz. I also have Winston and matt ryan stashed

Here is how my QB model has those options projected each remaining week (14, 15, 16) in case that helps decision on who to roster:
-Murray QB20, 10, 11
-Mayfield QB12, 5, 28
-Fitz QB8, 4, 4
-Tannehill QB1, 2, 5
-Darnold QB10, 30, 27
-Josh Allen QB24, 17, 26 (note my model is lower on Allen than most analysts, and I do address that in my streaming post this week).

So I would personally go for Tannehill or Fitz, both for this week and RoS upside. My Week 14 QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Please check out my Week 14 streaming post where I provide weekly and rest-of-season rankings, scoring projections and waiver recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!