Playoffs Week 16,17

12 ream standard. Our playoffs are weeks 16 and 17 and I should be in so hoping Conner and Kerryonn are back. Dropping M.Brown due to injury. Roster below. Who would you pick up. Thanks

Best available
RB - J.Wilson,Burkhead,J.Kelly, R.Smith
WR - Humphries,Godwin,Samuel
DEF - Jags,Cowboys,Redskins

Seahawks (Week 17 play the Bucs)

j wilson jr or samuels to cover for conner this week for sure

Samuels is gone already.

Was looking more for advice for playoffs .

Any input is appreciated.

Both Godwin and Humphries have tough match-ups those two weeks. BAL & DAL. I really like Humphries for this week, but sounds like you’re specifically needing feedback for the following two weeks. So…

As for the RB’s you have listed…I’m really leaning hard toward Kelly. I’m trying to decide between him and Davis with Malcolm now more than likely out the rest of the regular season. But thinking seriously about Kelly.

As I mentioned in a post of my own here, I’ve been watching Kelly since this summer and he was really, really impressive. Of course, haven’t seen anything to speak of out of him since the season started, so obviously that could’ve changed. BUT…no way of knowing, so can only go on this summer :smirk:

I also have Gurley, so may be eyeing Kelly a little more than some others.

Anyway…hope that helps…if even just a little. :smiley:

Thanks for the advice…

Reports Conner might be out 4-6 weeks so thinking Wilson or a handcuff

Report Jackson might be done for season so Godwin might be good even with tough schedule

Or grab another D

Yeah…wow…gotta love these dadgummed tough decisions huh?? :roll_eyes:

But…yeah…maybe Kelly or Wilson. I’d prob be more inclined to Kelly, since LAR are pretty much a LOCK for P/O’s.

Oh GEEZ!!! Just realized I’d read your OP wrong. I’ve been giving you advice on weeks 15 and 16.

Can’t get any data on players for week 17 for ya. Our SuperBowl is week 16.

LOL… :confounded:

No worries thanks.

Might grab Kelly or Godwin and drop Brown.

Yeah, I’ve got a claim in for Kelly. BUT…since just locked up 3rd for our P/O’s I’m pretty low priority. So may not get him. GRRRRR

Best of luck to you my friend!!!

Thanks I have been 12th on the waiver for weeks and everyone gets scooped :slight_smile:

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I feel your pain. :smirk:

OK gotta get that claim in so all help appreciated

Looking at my roster would you grab another RB, WR or D and who

Again…my advice may not always be the best. (Although, somehow did end up making smart decisions in my 10-team PPR league this year.) (3rd at the moment). (Even tho I went against a lot of recommendations here. LOL…just got lucky this year I guess!!!)

And…again…going only on PPR experience. But…reckon my only thought would be maybe WASH DEF. They’re pretty tough and have Giants, Jags, and Titans next 3 weeks!!! Pretty nice match-ups!!!

AND…for the record…my opponent has them this coming week…first P/O week for us. AND THEY HAVE ME WORRIED!!! :smirk:

Thanks grabbed J.Kelly and Dallas for now as they are home week 16 against Bucs.