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Pleas help need opinions on fairness of league


Looking for opinions I’m not commish but this is my first league with quite a bit on money into it and wondering if this a league I should think about bailing on next year.

This trade was accepted by both owners -
Owner 1 gets
Amari Cooper
Tarik cohen
Owner 2 gets
Mike Evans

I do not believe any collusion took place because I think many of the players in this league are that bad st fantasy.

Obviously all the owners who know how to value players are outcrying for veto but this was not collusion just a guy terribly takin advantage of a user not good at fantasy.

Is this a veto situation? Or is this fair game and I just need to hit the trade wire start screwing over people myself this year and then just a league I need to get out of next year



What type of league is it because if it’s a standard league I feel it’s a fair trade honestly cohen isn’t that valuable and cooper will turn it around in my opinion. But I feel you there the league I’m in doesn’t value RB and thinks QB are the most valuable.


I’m confused how this is a bad trade? Owner 2 gets a guaranteed stud and Owner 1 gets a potential stud with a potential upside RB 2. It’s just trading guarantee for upside but pending the rest of the roster those trades make perfect sense.


It’s a tricky one. I had a similar situation where I got gronk for Kamara and crabtree and the league were going nuts. But that’s fantasy people value players at different levels and if you find a level people are happy with you go for it.

If another team is unhappy about a trade in the nfl they don’t get a veto. The veto should only be used for collusion or people taking advantage of an injury The other person didn’t know about or total inexperience. Not just poor valuation.

I would definitely be trying to find value in players and making trades.

In terms of next year. Depends if you like them But imo education is sometimes better than leaving a league if you like the group your in and makes for a more competitive season. I prefer to get a good trade that’s slightly in my favour rather than a whopper because I took advantage of someone. But maybe that’s just me.


To clarify I think Cooper and Cohen is nowhere near enough for Evans…


This trade is definitely pretty one sided but I wouldn’t say it’s something that needs to be vetoed because Mike Evens has not been very hot. And the name value of Cooper and Cohen my be equal to Evan’s fantasy value in the eyes of some fantasy owners. I’m ok with this trade at the end day


This is nowhere near veto worthy imo.


see this is was I’m at a loss for many people are going to see what you see because of the name Amari Cooper. But cooper is a WR3 and cohen is RB3 and he got a WR1 top 5

But I get it i think since a couple people in this thread said it was fair tells me something


Well I traded tyreek hill and got dez then traded another guy Keenan Allen and lynch for Julio. but is the league standard ppr half ppr that makes a big deifference in cohen value also


Michael Thomas is not a week-to-week guaranteed stud. He just scored 2.60 HPPR this week. Amari Cooper may start to produce with Carr back. For all we know, Cohen may serve as a flex in the future. This isn’t a horrendous trade.


.5 ppr

Same guy got Melvin Gordon for tyreek hilll


Damn that’s the trade you should be mad about lol


Cooper right now is a WR3. Evans really isn’t even a top 5 performance wise this season. I have him in a league and he’s done diddly compared to Crabtree or Diggs. The trade is mostly name value between the two anyway.


meh i had to give up demarco and parker for Hill and Cohen. Won’t know who won the trade till the end of season since demarco’s had 2 good games and a whole bunch of crap, parker got hurt, and the 2 i got have been mildly better than i had been getting previously. value’s dependent on who needs what too. I needed wins and got them (i’m 3-3 was 1-3). The price i’m paying is potential loss of studs for later in the year.