Pleasant situation, Start 3 PPR

Seem to have hit a sweet spot on WR matchups this week, but which 3 would you start (2 WR’s and Flex)
Options are…
Edelman vs Jets,
Gallup vs Philly,
Chark vs Cinci,
Cooks vs Atlanta,
Lazard vs Oakland

I’d go with Gallup, Chark, and Edelman. Lazard hasn’t quite proven himself yet plus he’s likely going to score around the same as Edelman so you’ll have more confidence with Jules probably. Cooks is decent but his usage can get funky and when he busts you hate yourself for not expecting it lol.

Agree. Ditch Lazard he’s only a desperation play, and with three safe plays with good upside, no need to risk Cooks (similar upside but way lower floor)–watch and see on Edelman for his injury status though.