Please Advise! Mixon for Picks Package

Having a hard time because this trade package is appetizing, but, I think Mixon is about to ascend. I unfortunately have no 1st rd pick this year or next for reasons I am too ashamed to discuss. Can I please get some thoughts or advice on what side you’d rather be on?

+P. Campbell WR
+2020 1st Rd - 1.08
+2020 3rd Rd - 3.08
+2021 1st Rd

-J. Mixon RB - CIN

RBs - Mixon, Mostert, Marlon Mack, James White, and Derrius Guice
WR - Keenan Allen, Cooper Kupp, Jarvis Landry, Terry McLaurin, Fitz, Cole Beasley

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Wont lie, that is an incredibly persuasive trade, like first born persuasive. I don’t think I’d take it though. Reason 1 being, as you said Mixon I feel is going to have a transcending year where I think we stop talking about what we think he can do, and change to what we’re seeing him finally doing, especially if the Bengals draft a young QB and throw him out there early.

Reason 2 being, I think you’re incredibly well off in the WR category for at least the next 3 years, RB not so much, especially if you give Mixon up, yeah you might get someone in this years draft and maybe next, but the odds of getting the same talent and opportunity are rarely in anyones favour. White’s in for a down year I feel with the uncertainty of whether he’ll be relied on for the checkdown as much as in previous years, Guice is a walking I.R. Slot and I know the world loves Marlon Mack, but I love him as an RB2. Mixon will be your 1.

But this ultimately comes to your decision, I should mention I don’t have a whole lot of experience in Dynasty as all the leagues I’ve played in have been redraft so I wont take offense if you take my opinion with a grain of salt.


OP: What are the league details? Starting roster, roster depth. Where did your team finish last year?

Without knowing this information I would pass on the trade. Parris Campbell isn’t a special receiver that you can build a team around. Mixon is a RB you can build around. At the 1.08 in single QB leagues, all the top tier RBs are gone. So you could draft a WR which doesn’t really help you. The 2021 first is nice, but it’s likely a later round pick again.

To put a name with the 3.08, you’re looking at the likes of Cole Kmet, TE, possibly Anthony McFarland or Joshua Kelly if you are looking for RBs. Neither of them excite me much though.

I might consider this trade more if this a superflex and could potentially grab a stud RB at the 1.08.


Thanks guys, got the perspective I needed :slight_smile:

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Seems like you are already good, but I’m with @TheChrisFix on this one. Your picks are likely in the WR pocket which you don’t need and you will feel the hit at RB. Even if Mixon does not take off, you will need him as a solid RB2.

Rookie fever is real, but this is one I would pass on.