Please Chill Out About Derrick Henry

Everywhere I look I see another fantasy analyst aggressively overhyping Derrick Henry for the upcoming fantasy season. Someone just called him the “steal of the draft” when right now he’s going ahead of Pat Mahomes and Zach Ertz. He’s barely making it out of the THIRD ROUND!

I don’t know man, this feels a lot like that Alex Collins craze a year ago which ended in painfully predictable fashion. Not saying Henry’s gonna lose his job, I’m just saying it feels like I’m the only one who remembers that Henry isn’t really all that good and plays for a team that last year was 25th in yards and 27th in points, and should only be marginally better this year with Delanie Walker coming back. I get that the opportunity is there, but I really think if it wasn’t for the miracle titles he won for people at the end of the season he’d be going several rounds later than he is now.

I’m definitely out on him but I’d love to hear why people are so in on him this season.