Please evaluate. Chubb and Julio for D. Adams and Ekeler

12 team, 0.5 PPR. I will be acquiring Adams and Ekeler. I am 3-4 and the Adams owner is 6-1. Am I giving up too much?

My WRs
J. Jones
J. Edelman
K. Golladay
G. Tate
T. Smith

My RBs:
A. Jones

I would not do this. You are giving a starting RB2 and WR1 for a WR1 who is more TD dependant than the one you are giving up and an RB3/handcuff. No thanks, you are being targeted by a top team looking to load up with starters and depth for a playoff push and future trade chips.

Your team is solid, if anything i would be looking to upgrade at RB to a true RB1 as you have 4 high end RB2, low end RB1s right now. WR depth is pretty good as well behind JJ. I’d look to package one or 2 of those RBs aside from Mixon maybe with Tate for a upgrade to your RB core with a higher end RB1 personally. Or if the Bell owner is suffering and doesn’t have Conner maybe get Bell on the cheap and stash him you have the depth to do so.

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As a fellow JJ owner I feel your pain, but what James said is pretty spot on. Your team is not improving with this trade


No chance. I personally think you lose on both parts of the trade. Julio and Adams are very close, but Chubb is the starter and Ekeler only gets a few touches each game. Yes he has been great with those few touches, but Chubb will get 15+

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Thanks guys! Appreciate your inputs!!

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If I were to acquire DJ… who do you think I should be trading away?

Adams owner upped the ante by offering D. Adams and L. Miller for JJ and Lindsay… thoughts?

If he’s RB needy, i wouldn’t be against trying to get Adams from him though, maybe for Chubb straight up if he’d take it. Not likely but worth a shot, in half PPR I’d rather hold onto CMC, Mixon and Lindsey and if you can pair them with JJ and Adams each week you’ll be in a good spot. Wouldn’t pay more though because i think you could get a better team friendly deal elsewhere.

Was just about to mention this haha. I’d say if you couldn’t get him to pay for Chubb, i’d go and see how the DJ and maybe even the Zeke owners are feeling. DJ is well still an RB1 but not living up to draft price and with Zeke on the bye coming off a bad week that owner may be in need. Any owner with a good RB1 and ideally a losing record would be a target. Take Chubb and Lindsey/Tate for DJ. You may need to use CMC and Chubb to start talking about Zeke. It may be worth talking to the Kamara owner too, again Chubb and CMC there and i’d add Tate into the mix for Zeke and Kamara if they’d tilt and say yes.

This is still the same really for me, you lose a more valuable half PPR back in Lindsey and Miller is a massive sell high. I’d hard ball him say it’s Adams for Chubb 1-1 or Lindsey and Tate take it or leave it. The guy sounds like he is RB needy or for some reason low on Adams, take advantage asap if so.

If he says no go after the other options i mentioned and see if a deal can be done. Kamara and DJ could be achievable, Zeke would be tough but if you get any of them for the prices above you’ll be onto a win.

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thanks man… appreciate the real good advice!!

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Do not do this trade. This person is not your friend.

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No worries hope it helps and hope you get a good deal or two done. Just my view on what i would want to do. If the guy does give in on Adams for Chubb or Chubb/Tate i’d still go and look at those RBs with CMC and Lindsey and see what you can get. You have enough options to flex to upgrade your starters

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LOL… of course not when it comes to fantasy… Otherwise, in reality he is my best bud :rofl::joy: