Please explain this to me and give me your advice? TE

So when you use the handy who should you play part of this website and I put in Austin hooper and Vance McDonald.

Unanimous it says Hooper…

Also ESPN has Hooper projected for 9.1 and Vance projected for 6.3

But if you look at profootballfocus data.

The Den Broncos are 8th worse against TE and the saints are 30th worse and they just shut down Zach ertz.

So tell me why I would play Hooper over McDonald…

Just need some advice… Games are today for Hooper so need quick advice. Thanks

Its adding in the high scoring possibility of tje Atlanta Saints game, it being in a dome. And Steelers being on the road.

But go with your gut, if it was me I’d do the Vance Dance.
In fact I am this week, sitting Engram for Vance.


I have sat Njoku, and Burton to play Vance in my leagues. Join me as we patiently wait to do the Vance Dance! #Vanimal


Good call on Trey Boo Boo, 0.80 points in Standard today after a costly INT early.

Feel like we need some backing music for when Vance Dance goes off.
Gotta love his stiff arm to the face

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The Vance Dance

Ok… I guess Ill do the vance dance and hope for the best

Atl gonna need to throw the ball a lot today to keep up with Saints. I’d start Hooper.