Please give thoughts on my draft. how'd i do?

12 team, half ppr. league has 3 flex spots(wr/te, wr/rb, and wr/rb/te). i had the 11th pick.

QB: Tom Brady, Kirk Cousins
RB: Austin Ekeler, Josh Jacobs, Damien Harris, Kenyan Drake, Rashaad Penny
WR: Chris Godwin, Chase Claypool, Brandin Cooks, Curtis Sameul, Kenny Fuller, Cole Beasley
TE: Travis Kelce, Dawson Knox
K: Matt Gay
D/ST: Indy Colts

Overall i think i could have done better, but there’s some things i like.

my wrs are a little weaker on the top end, but having Kelce helps that. i think my wrs are pretty deep though.

i like that i was able to stack Brady with Godwin. (i also got brady like 20 picks after his ADP)

and i like that i was able to pair Drake with Jacobs, just in case something happens to either, the other will see an uptick.

what do you guys think? how can i improve this team?

This is a good example of hamstringing yourself by taking a TE early–apparently first round in this case. So now instead of Barkley or Najee, your RB1 in a HALF-PPR league is a guy who probly only has RB2 value in full-PPR leagues to begin with–enjoy his career high 3 rushing TDs. That said, you got some late value in Damien Harris, and insured Jacobs with Drake, so those were good moves. Penny was a wasted pick.

Back to the hamstringing… your WR1 is now a WR2, thanks to Kelce, and your WR2 is now a WR3. So now Kelce is basically cancelled out. You made another good move in drafting Cooks, so your WR3 is axually a WR3. Good job. But with 3 flex spots (in addition to 2 RBs and 2 WRs, I presume?) your lack of solid depth is going to hurt. (If you have NO starters other than the 3 flex positions, then disregard that.)

QBs are good, but I’m not sure why you bothered to draft a 2nd TE that you could have gotten off of waivers at any time anyway, instead of trying to get a sleeper WR late, like Amon-Ra St. Brown perhaps.

It’s an above-average effort given that you put yourself behind the 8-ball from the jump with the Kelce pick.


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i respect the input, thanks man!

barkley and harris were both off the board at 9th and 10th. i had the 11th pick. i was eyeing harris, i had to pivot to something else. it was between Kelce and Tyreek Hill for me and i decided to go with Kelce just because lol… avoiding tight ends until late is something i usually do in years past but this year i wanted to try out the strategy of getting one of the elite TE’s early. the guys have been talking about it on the podcast and i wanted to see how it would shake out.

im a little higher on Godwin than you seem to be, he could easily be a 1,300 and 10 TD guy this year. i took a swing for upside with Claypool. and im fine with the depth behind those guys. i do agree it would have been nice to get a wr better than claypool as my wr 2, and have claypool be my wr3, but either way claypool has upside to reach wr 2 status IMO. its a swing.

as far as Ekeler, ill take him any day in the 2nd round. it would have been nice to get harris and ekeler but the draft fell the way it did.

and as for the Penny pick, i really just wanted another rb for depth purposes, i felt i had enough depth at wr and i just went with a guy who has a rb ahead of him who is somewhat injury prone lol. there wasnt much there to pick from. you could say its a wasted pick and i would agree, unless Carson goes down. im trying to trade him to Carson’s owner for anything i can get lol. im sure he wont bite.