Please grade these trade scenarios; CEH for Ridley

10 team PPR league -trade deadline is tomorrow. Trying to swing a couple last minute deals to beef my team up.

My team: K.Murray // Kamara, Chubb, CEH, Gibson, Latavius // R.Woods, A.Robinson, Lockett, Jakobi, Deebo, C.Davis // Fant

Proposal 1: Lockett & CEH for Tyreek
Proposal 2: Woods & Gibson for Julio (or Lockett and Gibson)
Proposal 3: Gibson & Davis (or Jakobi) for Gronk & Aiyuk
Proposal 4 CEH for Calvin Ridely
Proposal 5: Gibson for JuJu

Obviously I’m trying to target a a WR (or a TE). Do these offers seem fair? Am I overpaying/underpaying? All thoughts are welcome (FYI none have been offered yet, trying to get feedback first.)

Anything to get rid of CEH and Lockett I think is a win. Lockett seems boom or bust and CEH ceiling seems low.
I would keep Gibson.
I like the tyreek then Ridley most of the options.
Feels like giving up a lot for Julio. Lot of options in Pitt I feel juju would have good and okay but not great games every week.

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Appreciate the feedback! Yeah I wondered if that was an overpay for Julio. But I know the owner would need a lot to part with him. Plus he is still Julio. If I owned him it’d have to be a pretty decent offer to part with him.

Update: So a guy agreed to CEH for Ridley straight up.

Is this a good move?

Do it! Your RBs are already legit. Ridley will come back and be great again.

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I think I could swing a similar deal with a different guy for Thielen. Who do you take between Thielen and Ridley?

It’s Ridley right?

I’d still go Ridley unless you need a win right now. Only reason I’d go Thielen is you need a win this week to keep hopes alive, and that’s only because Ridley’s status is still up in the air. But yes, Ridley over Thielen.

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