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*Please Help* 2nd year of my 1st keeper league- first post in this community


This is my first post for advice on here. I am in a 12 team .5 ppr 3 person keeper league and going forward you give up one round prior to the players current value. Every year you are allowed to keep 1 player who has 1st round value.

My keepers are AJ Green (2nd round), Demaryious Thomas (3rd Round) and Demarco Murray (4th Round). I have the 6th pick in the draft (4th drafting due to 1st round keepers). I don’t know who to go with for my first pick options are as follows:

-all rookies, Gronk, Gurley, Cooper, Baldwin, K Benjamin, Lamar Miller, TY Hilton

I fully expect Gronk, Gurley, Cooper to be off the board at my pick. I am fearful taking a rookie at 1 but won’t draft again until 5th round and top talent is depleted. I am trying to trade Thomas for a first round pick even if having to add a 7th for 10th to sweeten pot. This would allow me to grab an RB (Gurley or Miller or Rookie) and a WR. Any thoughts on keeping thomas and who I should pick? Also on my potential trade idea if I can pull it off? Any help is much appreciated. It’s my first keeper league experience.


I would keep your spot right now and take Kareem Hunt. I think as an RB2 he would be fantastic. You have Murray as your RB1 which is solid and your 2 WRs are money. Take Hunt, but that’s just me