Please Help! 3 Offers for AB!

Offer 1: Joe Mixon and Julian Edelman
Offer 2: Nick Chubb, Kerryon Johnson, and Tyler Boyd
Offer 3: James White and Alshon Jeffrey

Current Team:
RB: Carson, Barkley, Clement, Collins, Mack
WR: AB, Shepard, Brown, Hilton, Woods
TE: Burton, Howard
QB: Goff, Brees

I’m 2-5 sadly, most PA and 3rd most PF. I need to win almost every game moving forward.

This is a really tough decision - would love some insight!

Bump - really need the help :sob:

Are these all from the same person?
If so i would combine the offers and try for Mixon and Alshon.

out of the RB i like mixon the best ROS, however you will get 1 or 2 really strong weeks out of white short term.

But truth be told i would stay the course with your team. AB&woods are both lock&load starters every week for now.
and with AB past his bye you just need a sub for woods one week. If i was you i would try to leverage a deal with TY for a rb.

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