Please help! 6/19 vs. 10/15 picks with keeper factor

Have to submit my keeper decision soon and could really use some other viewpoints on my situation. Bear with me, explaining is a little bit wordy. I could REALLY use some level headed advice.

We have the option to keep a player selected in the 4th round or later the following year as your automatic 3rd round pick. The draft order is reverse of the previous year’s standings, but if you keep you get cycled down to the bottom of the order. 5 teams are keeping Kamara, Hunt, Mixon, Cook, and Keenan Allen who will automatically be picks 32-36. I have Juju Smith-Schuster who is keeper eligible. Here are my two options:

Option A: Forego keeping Juju and pick #6, #19, and #30 in the first 3 rounds.

Option B: Pick #10 and #15 in the first 2 rounds and keep Juju as the automatic #34 pick.

Logic: Due to the RB’s automatically off the board, RBs are at a premium. I am worried about what is going to be left at #19 and reaching for Melvin or Fournette at #6. I think I am more comfortable taking whoever falls to #10 between Melvin, Fournette, Saquon, OBJ, or Hopkins then the same logic at #15 between McCaffrey, McKinnon, Freeman, MT, and Julio. Juju is #31 on my board after I remove the 5 keepers so getting him at #34 automaticaly isn’t a big reach in my mind. Please, I would love to hear how others would handle this

ADP for juju is 45 non ppr and 44 ppr…
I feel you are reaching on him just a tad…

Yeah the #6 pick is a little gross is you want to pick RB as you do have to make decisions but if i was you i would go… Melvin #6 then you have Keenan allen or devante Adams at #19
Then at #30 you have guice, thielen, diggs and others who i like above juju…

I don’t hate juju but I’m also a believer he is being taken 1 round to high.

So if it was my team that is the route i would go but if you love juju and don’t like making decisions then go with option B and you will still be fine.

I would not be keeping JuJu for a 3rd round pick. You are getting no value there. I would much rather pick 1.06.

I am a bit confused here but why do you assuming only Melvin and Fournette will be available? Looks like TG, DJ, Bell, Zeke, AB, Saquon are all available still? You can easily go 1.06 and pick one of them. Probably either Saquon or Barkley who I would be more than happy to have as my first pick. And then hopefully grab someone like CMAC with the 19th pick if he is still there. If not then totally fine with Opening 2WR with AB as my staple.

Sorry if I was unclear- I am assuming the top 5 go Bell, Zeke, Gurley, AB, DJ in some order, so none of them would be available at 6. I would most likely either go with Melvin, Fournette, or Barkley at #6. Then I’m confident that CMAC, Devonta, and McKinnon will all go before #19 due to the keepers being unavailable leaving me with someone like Lesean or Howard if I wanted to go RB.

Barkley at 6 is definitely the way I would go. And then stacking him with a CMac or Devonta as your RB 2 is a solid start. Wouldn’t go with McKinnon at all. I am not at believer in McKinnon, may be in the minority but I’m willing to die on this hill. I don’t think he cracks top 15 and probably doesn’t even crack top 20 this year in terms of production.

Also, you never know man, I’ve seen a few drafts now where Barkley has gone top 5 and leaving AB falling to 1.06. And if you snag AB at 1.06, would be more than happy with that.

Word. Thanks a bunch. I’m starting to talk myself into Barkley. Giants OL has been scaring me away

If Barkley is who everyone thinks he can be, the OL won’t be AS big of a factor. Most of his $ is going to come from the receiving game. His best comp is DJ. And DJ has never had a competent OL at all. Best part of both their games is they cannot be phased out of the game. I.e. if their teams get blown out, Barkley and DJ are still always involved due to their passing work.

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