Please help! Again!

With the Bell news and all this mess and being the Conner owner…the Bell owner just offered me Ingram and Bell for my M. Gordon. I’m trying to counter with Conner for Ingram. What do I do? I’m 6-0 in .5 ppr 12 team redraft league. I have Drake, Murray, Foreman and Kerryon as my depth


I like selling for Ingram. I’d hold if they don’t accept.

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Would Conner and Drake or Murray be a good deal for Ingram?

I would prefer Connor and Drake above Ingram. You could offer Drake and Murray, but not likely to accept.

What is the other teams record? What does their team need?

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They are surprisingly 4-2…they won’t accept Drake and Murray for Ingram. Should I just stick with Conner until the wheels fall off? Then hope Kerryon gets his share? I have Stafford and Golladay and didn’t want to play 3 Lions but if I must, I must

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He has Thielen and Woods…Gordon on the bench so he needs RB’s

Connor and Drake for Ingram would be OK based on that. Win-win.

Assume you start 2 RBs?

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Yes 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 Flex

He said ok on the Conner + Drake for Ingram