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Please Help, can only keep 3


I have a PPR Keeper league. I can choose up to 3 players and they are used as my draft picks early on. I currently have Leveon Bell, Julio Jones and Alshon Jeffery

Do I keep all 3 and start my drafting in the 4th round at the 9th pick? Or, do I drop Alshon, and begin drafting in the 3rd round and go for RB (mixon) or WR?

Any advice would help

thanks so much


I am staying away from Alshon unless he drops to the 4th or later. I say drop him and see what you can get.


I would drop Alshon. If you do that…do you get an extra pick


Definitely drop Alshon. He has some sleeper potential in light of the recent trade, but overall I’m not too high on him. Bell and Jones are locked and loaded keepers, and you’ll get better value by not keeping Alshon and drafting another player.

In most leagues he should make it to your next few picks, unless you live in Philly. Good Luck with your draft!


I feel I drop I get my 3 round pick (9th) versus keeping him and picking in the 4th round.

Figured to drop him and get Mixon or cook at RB??


Keep Bell and Julio. Kick Jeffrey to the curb.


What about Julio, Bell and Brandin Cooks?

Keep all 3 or do the same and drop cooks?



I’d keep those three. Cooks is risky, but the payoff could be huge.