Please Help: Controversial League Decision

Need your help, guys. This last week, I tied my opponent (awesome, late comeback). In our league, it was set up that total bench points served as the tie breaker. I won that by 5 points (close again, whew).

I later saw that the league manager changed the rules and made it a tie, getting rid of the tie breaker. Now, first, I see a problem here. If there are rules already set up that have been standing the whole year, they shouldn’t be changed this late in the year, right? Especially without the ‘go ahead’ from the whole league.

But I was ok with that… a tie stinks, but I still have the best record in the league.

THEN, I get a text from the league manager saying that there will be a vote to see if I LOSE OR NOT! Apparently, Geronimo Allison was ruled out before the 8:20pm kickoff time. So that team tried to pick someone up to be in his place, but the game was too close to kickoff and it didn’t allow him to make the switch.

So the league manager is now saying that they are going to try to find out if he tried to pick him up before the game, and, if he did… they are going to give HIM the win and ME the loss.

So it’s controversial that I didn’t win… and now I’m not settling for a tie, but fighting for a tie…


(There is money in this league, so I think that has to raise the standards of how this is handled - need your all’s feedback to show the league manager and have enough evidence to keep them from giving me the loss - THAT IS, if you agree with me)


First off your commish is ruining the integrity of the league. You can’t cjange rules like that mid season after that. I would fight it tooth and nail because even that tie or could be lose could screw you. Or ask for your money back and go find a good league


This absolutely stinks. If there are to be rule changes, they need to happen at the start of the year/season and voted on then.

I wouldn’t be happy at all if this were me


Your commish is a clown. You don’t change rules once the season has started unless you have sign off from every single person in the league.

And there is no way to prove whether or not he “tried” to add a player or not. And even if you can prove he tried to add someone, how do you know WHO he tried to add? he can now have the benefit of hind sight and pick someone who scored vs someone who didn’t.

If they tried to pull that crap, I would just drop all my players to waivers and leave the league. Money or not. That’s horsesh**.