Please help guys, should I make this trade?!

Giving away Edelman and ertz
Getting Godwin Kupp hooper and ty Montgomery (have Le’veon bell and feel like it would be smart to handcuff him) full ppr league

No, you’re losing two other people that you’re going to have to cut too. I’d make it a 2 for 2 trade.

I have Carlos Hyde and Adrian Peterson that I was actually planning on cutting so I figure this trade would work, but just wondering if it’s fair hooper would end up being my only tight end so it’s a big downgrade there

I wouldn’t do it at all

When it comes to trades, I like to reverse engineer the situation. Would you trade the other four for Edelman and Ertz? If it’s a yes this way, then it’s a no in the reverse. So it’s a no. Besides, those two are PPR machines. I wouldn’t give that up for a bad TE and a handcuff.