Please help I have never won a league

Please rate my team but more importantly if you could offer some advice on anything. I have been playing fantasy football now for 4 years and have made the playoffs plenty of times but never won.

QB - K. Cousins
WR - A. Thielen
WR - T. Hilton
RB - A. Kamara
RB - M. Gordon
TE - D. Walker
Flex - L. Miller
Flex G. Tate
K - W. Lutz
IDP - J. Bosa

RB - I. Crowell
RB - P. Barber
RB - T. Roddick
WR - R. Cobb
WR - C. Kopp
QB - A. Smith

This is a 10 man PPR league were QB’s get 1 point for every 10 yards thrown instead of 25 yards. Thank you so much!

I think your starting RBs and WRs are more than fine. Man though, 1 point every 10 yards passing is pretty outrageous. QBs are going to be putting up monster points. My preference would be to maybe look into a Stafford or Luck (if healthy) though - guys that routinely throw for 250-300 yards a game… if not, I think Cousins has more than enough weapons to throw for 4,000 yards but I could see them running the ball if they’re up in most games.


Agree on starters being solid. I don’t like riddick if i’m being honest. there’s a lot of RBs and since he’s a 1 trick pony i think he’ll be out. You need to watch waivers for WR depth too. Cobb should be solid but if GB wants him gone they might not utilize him enough. Also agree on QB situation. I think Cousins is decent but you’re going to want to look for someone in place of smith who’s gonna be gun slinging it all over the place. A standard league you’d be good but 10 yards per point means you can own with a guy like mahomes who might throw 3 picks but have 350 yards versus a safe qb.

The biggest piece of advice i have though is be active, but be humble. The ballers kept saying sell hopkins, sell gurley last year. I didn’t and I won my league. You don’t have to make moves to win, they can help but don’t make them just to make them. I’ve lost leagues due to moves more than i’ve won because of them.

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