Please help I have never won :(

Please rate my team but more importantly if you could offer some advice on anything. I have been playing fantasy football now for 4 years and have made the playoffs plenty of times but never won.

QB - K. Cousins
WR - A. Thielen
WR - T. Hilton
RB - A. Kamara
RB - M. Gordon
TE - D. Walker
Flex - L. Miller
Flex G. Tate
K - W. Lutz
IDP - J. Bosa

RB - I. Crowell
RB - P. Barber
RB - T. Roddick
WR - R. Cobb
WR - C. Kopp
QB - A. Smith

This is a 10 man PPR league were QB’s get 1 point for every 10 yards thrown instead of 25 yards. Thank you so much!