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Please help! Looking to trade TY Montgomery


I’m wanting to trade a rb for a strong wr 1. Please help!!! Full point ppr

My roster is
Qb- wentz

Rb- Zeke
Rb-Ty Montgomery

Wr- Jordy Nelson
Wr- Davante Parker

Flex- J Ajayi

Bench- Carlos Hyde
James white
Rob Kelly
J. Crowder
R. Higgins
D. Funches


I would stand pat for a week or two, but if you must package backs from your bench. Don’t trade Ty. Depth at running back isn’t a bad thing. Hold on to it for a few weeks cause more injuries are coming.


I agree with @brian_leadbetter. Stand pat.

Jordy is a WR1 and I think Parker has the potential to be a low-end WR1, due to Cuttler’s love of smoking cigs and throwing deep inaccurate passes making his receivers make circus catches. But if you must trade Ty for a WR make sure to get FULL value from him, I think people are still underestimating his value/potential. He is THE starting RB for GB that has the skills of a receiver and he is currently in the top 5 RBs in all formats.