Please help me choose lol

Hoping someone can help me make a decision on 3 keepers in my PPR league. I can keep up to 3 players and they act as draft picks. If I keep 3, then I begin drafting in the 4th round. Last season, I won, but, traded away to get a lot, which is making the decision even harder lol:

my relevant players are :Aaron Rodger, Leveon Bell, Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Julio Jones and Mike Evans.


I was thinking of keeping Bell, Kamara and Evans or going with all 3 RB’s. The other players could be traded for additional picks in the 4th round (my first round of drafting).

Please help and good luck this season!

Thanks in advance

Bell, Kamara, Julio. All top level ppr guys in my opinion.

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In ppr I would keep Bell, Kamara and Julio. Then trade whoever you can to get as many 4th round picks as you can.

Thanks for the insight. Was thinking, what if I traded Julio and Hunt for Todd Gurley? Would you keep 3 RB’s at that point?

Thanks again

Are you in a 2 man league?

Haha no why?

Has to be an 8 man league at most. If not, then I want in this league, lol

If you could trade for Gurley then keep Gurley, Bell and Evans, or say screw it since you have the top 2 RBs and keep Rodgers and start the draft heavy on WRs.

It’s a 12 man league. Guy in league wants Julio Jones. I would rather have gurley than Jones in a keeper.

Similar situation. I’m seriously leaning on keeping my 3 RB’s. I suspect everyone else will be doing the same which will lead to overbidding for what is left to include rookie RB’s. Last year, none of that going on. The Kareem Hunt’s and Carlos Hyde deals from last year will not exist.