Please help me decide on Keepers

Hey folks! I’m considering 3 options for keepers. I can keep 2 of the 3. I’m in a 12 team, .5 PPR, standard roster league.

Derrick Henry - 6th round pick
Marlon Mack - 10th Round pick or 9th round if I keep Cohen too
Tarik Cohen - 10 round pick or 9th round if I keep Mack too

I also don’t have to keep any of them. What are your thoughts on these keeper options?


Henry currently going in the 3rd/4th round
Mack currently going in the 7th
Cohen currently going in the 6th/7th

I would keep Henry and then just choose which RB you like the most. I think Mack has the higher ceiling but Cohen might have the higher floor.

Yep. Keep henry

And then it’s either mack is a RB1 or maybe nothing.

Or Cohen that is always a FLEX play and prob nothing more.

Pick one and you will be fine.

Thanks for the input @Fr0sty11 and @mchild89. I think I’ll go with Mack for the potential upside. 10th round pick is worth that gamble I think.

You also got to think, in the 10th round of this draft the players will actually be at 11th/12th round value because of the 2 keepers. You are giving up that pick but the players in that round won’t be as valuable as a normal redraft.

Mack is going to have a lingering hamstring, Jordan Wilkins will win the Job! drop him (and cohen if you want, Howard is learning how to catch the ball)

But seriously… Where is the fricken Megalabowl!!!

I’m out on Henry, like his talent, just don’t buy into his fit on Titans.

Mack and the Colts backfield scare me.

Not sure you’ll get huge bang out of Cohen, but probably best of the options as late round flier.

If where you are in the draft you think Jordan Howard will be a viable option, I’d pick Cohen so you’ve got the handcuff locked and loaded. That’s a big commitment though cause Howard isn’t exactly the guy I plan my draft around (but I do think he’s a good value where he’s currently going)

I think it’s Henry and Cohen - Mostly because of the health of Mack with the addition on Wilkins and Nyheim Hines.

Personally I would look at only keeping Henry and keeping that other pick. Look some ADP and see who else you might be able to get. If you wouldn’t be satisfied with another option then either of these won’t hurt you and do have some potential.

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