Please help me figure this out

1/2 point ppr…Murray…Michel…or howard…best flex option?

sony or Howard. I like Murray but bears shut down cook and everyone besides jacobs. Your praying for a td on him.

Saints also lost Jared Cook besides Kamara. Murray is used in passing. Where are all these targets going? Outside of MT rest have hoof hands.

Bears run D is good. Saints though, with Taysom Hill…If him and Murray are back there at times stacking the box will make the Bears eyes rain.

I say Murray. Targets will be there and he will pull off some decent runs. Nothing great but he should have an above avg game.

Payton said he won’t be using Taysom that much but willing to bet he does. L

i agree with @EconoTeam, id stick it out with Murray, hes the only back i can really see them using and i believe his value will come with passes out of the backfield.

Ok thanks guys…I was leaning murray for pure volume alone