Please help me with my waiver wire fomo!

Bonjourno footclan!

I just drafted in my 12-team HPPR last night. I ended up with Kamara, Dalvin and Sanders as my starting RBs. I’ve also got Murray, Ballage, Brieda and AP on the bench.

Should I drop Brieda or AP and handcuff Cook with Mattison or maybe take a shot with Darwin?

Cheers guys.

If you want to handcuff, I think I’d lean Mattison. He has been running well with the first team and Cook’s injuries are a scare of course. Dropping AP is a tough call as he will be there guy until he is hurt and he performed way above expectations last season…guy is immortal.

Don’t drop those guys, try to trade them in a 2 for 1 and improve your team, and THEN add Darwin or Mattison.

Find an RB needy team and offer any combo for Murray, Ballage, Brieda and AP for an upgrade to your starting line up.

Do that first before you drop someone.


That’s my hesitation, I’d be leaning toward dropping Brieda.

Oh I’ve definitely been shopping then around! No bites yet though.

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I agree with the above comment. I’d wait until week 1 when AP has the bulk of the load, and trade him (maybe package with Breida, I’m very down in general on SF offense) off to someone weak at RB. Upgrade and then add Mattison if you really want to handcuff (Dalvin has proven to be a smart person to handcuff). But also AP will be great for your depth all season long IMO. Good Bye week fill in when needed.

Agreed, probably will have better leverage after week 1.

Wait it out, you got this. Dudes will get desperate.

It’s the best feeling when you have all the power and dudes have to pay up.

Cheers, good point. I think I’m just running through all the scenarios in my head where Dalvin gets hurt and I don’t have Mattison rostered. Gotta be patient to get the best value though.

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I would drop AP or Ballage for Darwin Thompson. Higher ceiling. You already have your starters covered.

Brieda is a hard keep for me.