Please Help - My Season is on the Line!

Need help in the Flex Position in two leagues. I have a slim lead over my opponent in each. Both leagues are full point PPR.

League 1: choice between Kareem Hunt at home against the Chargers or Devonta Freeman at Tampa Bay in the Flex position.

League 2: Choice between Jamaal Williams at Carolina or Alex Collins at Cleveland , again in the Flex

Thanks for your help! I just don’t know what to do!

Huge Chiefs fan. I would love to say start Hunt, but I’d probably play Freeman. He’s safer.

Then I’d go Collins probably. Think Rodgers will be throwing the ball a lot so Williams’ work might drop off. Collins has been going off

League 1 : I would go Freeman especially if Tevin Coleman is out.

League 2: Collins he’s on fire and the best offensive player the Ravens have.