Please help! My team is turrible!

QB: Cousins
RB: Demarco, Crowell
WR: ODB, Fitz
Flex: Kamara
TE: Eifert
I stream Ds and Kickers
Bench: Ginn Jr, K. William (rb zona, dropping him), Theo Riddick, M. Jones Jr, C. Clay, E. Decker

12 team Full point PPR

Need some ideas on people to move and who to possibly trade for. The team has scored less than 80 both weeks. Well ODB is actually in my Flex and if he can’t go its Riddick. But, I’m assuming the worst. I used the draft kit and went by tier, but its a 12 team competitive league and I drafted 7th in a snake. I did what I could do draft wise and there isn’t a whole lot of points to be had on the waiver right now.
Again, any help is appreciated. Just looking for some ideas for this pile of garbage I’ve managed to put together.


try and sell demarco and fitz on name value. Look for wr’s on waivers and hope OBJ is back soon.