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Please help my team of duds


My team is HOT garbage and am open to any and all trade suggestions and advice to turn this sad team into more neutral temperatured garbage. Through 2 weeks my starters accounted for ZERO tds and 2 (non qb) players to make it to double digits (both 10 and 11 points in half point ppr).

QB: Cam
RBs: D.Murray, T.Cohen, A.Abdullah, G.Bernard, C.Carson
WRs: M.Thomas, L.Fitzgerald, S.Watkins, E.Decker, C.Kupp
TEs: J.Reed, E.Engram
D/ST: Vikings D
K: M. Prater


I’d shop Cohen/FItz for a RB2. someone like tevin coleman, doug martin etc… thats your safest bet. Murray will bounce back, and Cam will be Cam.


Do you think I should wait it out for some of my WRs to have a good game before shopping them around? I feel like my entire team’s value is so low but I might just have to just shop them around anyway…