Please help need to keep 2 keepers

Must keep 2 of the following:
League is PPR

Ted Gin JR WR
Jaguars Defense
Kyle Rudolph. TE
CJ Anderson RB
Cooper Kupp WR
Jamal Williams RB
Mathew Stafford QB
Vernon Davis TE
Rishard Mathews WR
Jonathan Stewart RB

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I am assuming there is no penalty to keep these players because you didn’t mention it.


Those are the 4 I’d choose from… They are all just ok… So I’ll let you make the decision but I narrowed it down for you.

If there is no penalty I would probably keep Jags D and either Matthews or Kupp

If I was picking I’d probally go jags defense if it was a late round pick and and maybe Kyle Rudolph personally

There are no penalties . I was leaning Jaguars and Kyle Rudolph