Please help, quick! Trading picks in 12team ppr league

I pick 2nd overall.

Draft position #9 is offering to trade me his rounds 2,3,4 for my 1, 5, and 15?!?!?

Do I take it?

This gives me 6 picks in rounds in first 5 rounds all coming in rounds 2,3,4

Depends how much you value one of the top tier RBs. I would accept that and then try trading my 7+ picks to get two more picks in the first 6 rounds. You could have your starting roster finished before round 7. Your bench would be pretty poor, but if you fill it with upside guys or rookies and hope one hits, then you should be okay.

Trading picks is high risk/high reward process.

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What if I couldn’t get the 7+ picks traded? My league typically doesn’t trade picks at all, so this is probably the only trade to come.

You’re looking at , according to current ADP:
K. Allen
D. Williams
B. Cooks
P. Mahomes
D. Henry

then not picking again until round 6 which is C. Davis/D Pettis range. Which isn’t terrible.

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Ya, and my league is only 2wr. I’m in a limbo right now. Im thinking having 6 picks in rounds 2-4 is worth losing 2nd overall, because I do believe from guys like woods and alshon in the 4th there is a drop off to guys like Anderson and ridley, or freeman and henry vs white and carson.

You just gotta stock up on late round RBs with upside. So rounds 7+
L. Miller
R. Penny
L. Murray
R. Freeman

If I could get two of those guys, then I’d look at like a J. Jackson (LAC) or D. Singletary (BUF) with one of my last picks cause those guys could get a good workload of Gordon misses time or Buffalo moves on from McCoy.

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Agreed. So, are you thinking do the trade? HAHA

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I would try to move that 5th round pick you’re giving up to be a 6th or 7th, but if they say no, then I’d go ahead with the current offer.

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You are giving up a lot.

I would prefer something like:

  • Your 1.02 and 5.02
  • For there 1.09 and 2.04 and 5.09
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I don’t think the value is there for what you’re giving up. For me it would be a lot easier to say yes to this if you were also getting the 9th pick in the 1st round. I love the idea of having the 6 picks before the 5th round, but you’re not making your first selection until 16 overall which means that not only are you missing out on one of the top RBs at 2 overall, but also any of the tier 1 WRs. Unless maybe you get lucky & Odell falls to you.

It’s a no for me dawg.

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