Please Help! Roster inside

Need roster advice. Idk what to do anymore… My WRs are abysmal and besides Kamara and CMC the rest of my RBs don’t hold any trade value.


Corey Davis holds value
Evan Engram has some too and you don’t need to roster two when your depth is a struggle else wear…especially because Burton can be a plug in rest of season with bye week past.
Hit your waivers and make sure you don’t have some value there in the WR area. Tyler Boyd? Christian Kirk? Antonio Callaway even.
But you could maybe even trade Corey Davis and Engram and upgrade to a WR2
Maybe an AJ green or Juju or Diggs
You don’t want to trade away drake yet because he is at his bottom in worth so wait and see in Ingram can help pick up some slack
Rivers is solid I have him
Baldwin is hard I am waiting to trade in when if he has a decent week but you could also swap him for Davis in your trade in the beginning of this message
Make sure you stream a solid Def if you have them.

Yea boyd, kirk, Callaway, and even Keke are taken off waivers already. Waivers are a wasteland. I could try Engram and Davis for Juju! The guy that has juju has absolutely no TE… Wait, I take that back, he has Seals - Jones but thats like having no TE lol