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Please Help, Should I Draft Jordy or Ajayi?


Hey Footballers,

I’m in a standard 12 team league with 1 keeper (Davante Adams). I pick 9th in the draft and I think DeMarco will get picked 8th so that leaves me with either Jordy Nelson or Jay Ajayi… Usually my league goes running back heavy and I don’t know if the Nelson/Adams duo will be good for my team.

Open to any advice!

Brett Favre


Do you have any other keeper options?


I think Ajayi is a good choice, or go evans instead


No, the problem is we had to declare keepers a month before the draft; weird rule… but I’m keeping Davante in the 16th round so not bad. Also, other players that were kept around my draft pick are Mike Evans and Melvin Gordon.


Ok who else is available then besides Ajayi ? What are all realistic options ?


If I’m lucky Demarco… but realistically Jordy, Ajayi, Lynch, Gurley, Thomas, and Hilton.


which Thomas? Michael? I would rather have Jordy, but I would take Ajayi as to not have both WR from the same team


Yea Michael Thomas… and I think am leaning towards Ajayi right now.


That’s the route I would go


Nelson all day for me. Much prefer an Aaron Rodgers target to a Jay Cutler target lol


Even though I am already keeping Davante Adams? You think they can both be top tier WRs?


I love Jordy this year, but I’m only in 1/2 pt and full pt ppr leagues and that may color my perception.


I know it’s not helpful, but I definitely don’t plan on having Adams on any of my teams lol
…but for the 16th round pick, you really can’t go wrong. Just not sold on Ajayi this season, and Jordi is definitely in a tier above Ajayi for me. Hope you get lucky and see DeMarco when you turn comes.


have to go with Jordy, hes favorite target. Ajayi stats are misleading. If you really look at each game and stats he didnt perform that well. Major stats came in games against Bills 2 times and the third i cant remember right this 2nd. he also had several games under 75 yard and no TD’s. If i had my notes i could break it down. Just look at last year and each game. Now with this CP issue hes already had one this year and was out a few weeks. If he gets another during the season and he will, he’s on the radar list as are other players even Drake the RB2 of Miami has one. Alot of players are going to miss time this year . Ajayi is supposed to get huge workload but the safer and in my opinion better choice is Nelson.


Think if it this way: Adams doesn’t have to be your WR 2 (or 3 for that matter). I’d definitely not want to draft Jordy in the first and then Adams in the 3rd, but that’s not the case here. Take the guy you think is the best value and know that you already have a fantastic value in the 16th.


After last night. I would go ajayi. Looks solid