Please help! Trade advice is needed

Full PPR, want to try and sell Ekeler after the good day he had with Gordon back. What kind of RB should I try and go get packaging Ekeler and most likely Lockett? (Bell owner asks for way too much and Carson/Mack owner just won’t do trades)

see what the Josh Jacobs owner would be interested in…they are off this week so if you can take the hit on that you might be able to grab him…do you have Gordon if not see if the Gordon owner is interested.

Already tried that, Gordon owner doesn’t want him. I think I can take the hit, don’t mind taking the chance on Sony having a good game. Would have to flex Coleman most likely, hopefully he is good to go. Ekeler and Lockett for Jacobs? Or maybe add Watkins in as well and have him throw in Kirk?

yeah its worth a shot…if you guys are ppr you might be able to compare targets with Jacobs and Ekeler to help persuade him bc even as a flex and healthy Gordon Ekeler would have vaule not to mention Gordon gets banged up towards the end of the season…send an explanation on why he needs Ekeler if that makes sense.