Please help trade asap trade deadline tomorrow

Ok I’ve offered the hunt owner a trade of either Morris, Drake with dez for hunt and ginn or Morris, funchess, drake for hunt, Davis, ginn. Or should I go ahead and make the trade funchess and drake for kamara

Standard league 16 man sorry forgot to add

Just my opinion man I like Kamara. That dude is simply getting it done. Hunt has gone down last couple weeks but will surely come back but ya never know. With Kamara, you know he’s gonna get targets.

Yea I’m playing this dude this week I just don’t know who to offer my roster is mariota, brisset, gurley, Morris, Allen, Henry, Drake, rod smith, funchess, juilo, dez, doctson, graham, rams, steelers

I’d go ahead with the Funchess/Drake for Kamara trade.