Please help with draft advice

In a keeper league and can keep up to 4 players. I’m stuck on whether to stay strong at running back or keep a couple late round receivers. Below will be the player and the pick that needs to be used to keep them.

Fournette (2nd Round)
Dalvin Cook (3rd Round)
Zeke Elliott (4th Round)
Evan Engram (15th Round)
Thielen (16th Round)
Josh Gordon (16th Round)

Who would you guys keep? Thielen and Zeke are going to be kept because of the value. I don’t have a 1st but have two 5ths. My fear of keeping all 3 backs is because I won’t take a receiver until round 5.

Thanks for any help.

I took a look at current ADP (assuming standard scoring)

Fournette - 1.08
Cook - 2.01
Zeke - 1.03
Engram - 6.05
Thielen - 3.08
Gordon - 3.05

If I were you, I would keep Zeke, Thielen, Cook, and either Engram or Gordon

Zeke and Thielen are obvious values like you said.

I personally like Cook more than Fournette, so you’d be getting what I consider a 1st round talent for a 3rd, I think that value is tough to pass up. Plus it gives you a 2nd round pick to try to grab a WR you like.

The value on Gordon is outrageous, assuming you believe in him of course. We’ve seen that his ceiling is being the WR1, but with a combination of Tyrod and Baker throwing him the ball, and so many mouths to feed in Cleveland, I think he will likely finish as a mid range WR2.

Engram will likely regress a bit in his second season with OBJ and Shepard fully healthy and the addition of Barkley. But I see him still being the type of guy you can plug into your lineup just about every week. That kind of value at TE is tough to come by, especially for a 15th round pick.

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I’d go with Zeke, Cook, Theilen, and Gordon, personally. I like Engram, but I can’t for sure say you’ll have an easier time drafting a comparable WR to Gordon as you will a TE to Engram.