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Please Help With Lineup!


Who would you guys play this week in my WR and Flex spots? Here is how I have it set right now.

WR1: TY Hilton
WR2: A. Cooper
Flex1: M. Ingram
Flex2: E. Sanders

Bench: A. Robinson
Bench: J. Crowder
Bench: K. Britt
Bench: A Thielen

Thanks for any help!


ARob > Hilton


I think it’s pretty close, I’m a Colts fan, but don’t feel to confident in T.Y. but the matchup is juicy. AROB is going against one of the better secondaries in the league. I’m half tempted to suggest Thielen.


The Texans’ secondary isn’t one of the better in the league. They lost their best DB. The concern would be the pass rush nor giving Bottles time to find anyone. Legit concern, but I don’t think the Colts have anything approaching a functional offense until Luck is back, at the earliest.