Please help with my keeper

I am deciding on my keeper for this year and it’s between Gronkowski with pick 2.12, Keenan Allen with pick 3.1, Ertz 6.1 or Burkhead 12.1. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

If your at the 2.12? does that mean your at the 1.01. If so could you keep Burkhead and Take Gronk with the first pick? I would do that if i’m reading your roster selections correctly. I’m assuming all the big names are being kept.

Yes, i have the first pick but Bell and DJ aren’t being kept. I could see if Gronk falls to me at 2.12 but I doubt it. Just wondering who is the biggest value out of my keepers. I forgot to mention that I could keep Jamaal Williams at 8.01.

Tough call. If this is ppr, I would probably go Bell or DJ with your first pick. Keep Keenan Allen with the 3.1 and hope someone you like falls to you at the end of the 2nd. In standard, I might go ahead an pull the trigger on keeping Gronk.

Thanks Steve. It’s 1/2 point PPR

I think Allen is the best value here, there is no chance he falls to you and with Gronk there is (A small one) at least.

Allen 3.1 no question

I have to agree with everyone on Allen. Allen in the 3rd provides the best value and there is a small chance that you could get Gronk to fall back to you at 2.12.

I’ll pile on with everyone else and agree Allen is the best deal here.