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Hunt for Martin, Carson, Hogan?


hell no…


No no no dont do it.


hell no!!!


THanks guys! That’s what I thought!


I’m selling him, but I’d need a good deal more than that. Do love Martin though.


It is tough, bc I look at depth. and every game he has had a 50+ yard run…what would his value be without those plays.


Without the big plays he has a safe floor of 10 points.


You’re right. The big plays are almost certain to become less frequent, but even without them, he’s a high end RB2 at worst. I’m selling him purely because there are people out there who think he’s worth Lev Bell prices, which is insane.


I think hunt is almost un-tradable at this point unless you get something off the wall insane like ANtonio Brown and a top 5 RB.


I do not agree, aside from that you obviously take that trade. If I can get Freeman/Cook/Gordon and maybe Fornette and AJ Green/Julio Jones/Beckham. I’m taking it an running all the way to the bank.

Edit: it actually probably wouldn’t take quite that much for me, but certainly more than was offered here.


Ya I agree. I was looking for an insane offer but the problem is everyone is antitrade in my league so I am going to run with my backs. stream WRs…unless I get a Brown and freeman offer.