Please help!?!

I Just lost Saquon. Should I sell high on Evans for a stud RB? And if so, whom should I target?
I’m currently 3-0, in first place.

10 team PPR

Current RBs: Saquon, Carson, D. Montgomery, Sanders, M. Brown, Mattison.

Current WRs: Adams, Evans, Godwin, DJ Moore, Tate.

Great that you are 3-0! Don’t panic, but I like the way you think. Mopportunity and Sanders could be second half of season studs, but understand your concern. Adams injury needs to be monitored before you do anything with Evans. Does the Gurley owner have anything of interest for Brown? What can you get for Godwin or Moore?

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I ended up packaging Evans with a few guys for Mack and Tyreek!