Please help

Eric Decker or Martavius Bryant? PPR. Please help

Personally I’d go Bryant against Cleveland

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Both are great plays this week… I’d go with Bryant slightly over Decker but both will be good

I agree. I think they run the score up and throw deep a lot

I prefer Decker in the PPR leagues. He is more consistent and reliable. Bryant you do not know what his volume will be today. Decker is going to be the No. 1 receiver for Mariota. If you are looking for a home run wr then Bryant is your choice.

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I’m down 40 points Bc the guy I’m playing has Hunt so I may need that HR upside :confused:

Decker does get a lot of TDs usually but the Titans are a run heavy team. Decker will get the raiders number one CB and Bryant will get clevelands number 2 CB

Ahhhh very true I didn’t think of that. I’m going Bryant.

Who would have thought they would be a COMBINED 5 for 24 and no scores. Rough week for a lot of guys this week…

I have NEVER seen such a bad week in general for fantasy football. I also had Dalton this week…

Ouch… really rough week. On the bright side, things probably cant get any worse! Well… unless you drafted David Johnson… Cheers to a rebounding week 2 for you!